5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits

IN the contemporary technological world we live in, indoor air can often contain more toxins and chemicals than outdoor air. This is because everyday objects such as mattresses, pots, pans, even clothing, can contain harmful chemicals which then pollute the surrounding air. To lessen your exposure to these harmful toxins, Himalayan salt lamps can be very helpful in improving the air quality of the room. This is because when lit, they absorb the toxic chemicals in our atmosphere. Therefore, to live a healthier lifestyle, Himalayan salt lamps should be placed within each open space of your home, office or studio.

Himalayan salt lamps refer to the large smithereens of unpolluted Himalayan salt that has a light bulb inside of it. The Himalayan salt lamp can either be a solid piece of salt rock or can be in the form of a decorative basket filled with large salt crystal offering a soothing and gentle glow whenever they are lit. Made from 100% pure and food grade quality of Himalayan salt, the lamp can even be ground into salt powder and used for cooking!

Over the last couple of years, Himalayan salt lamps have gained massive popularity all thanks to the benefits associated to them. The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps will be discussed in more detail in this article.


Content overview

This article will cover the following:

  1. The 5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps
    1. Improves the quality of air
    2. Its light and color offers therapeutic benefits
    3. It helps in soothing allergies
    4. Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation
    5. Soothing light source
  2. How the Himalayan salt lamp actually works
  3. Additional Extras


The 5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Health Benefit 1: Improves the quality of air

Himalayan salt lamps may not seemingly be an outstanding light source but they provide an avenue for improving air quality. This is because, the salt lamps have a hygroscopic property and work by releasing negative ions into the air, helping the lamp attract air pollutants and therefore purifying it.

Negative ions are naturally created in abundance from mother earth herself. Natural events that exist on our planet Earth such as sunlight rays, ocean waves, waterfalls, and lightning storms, to name a few, create negative ions in our atmosphere. In fact, running water is considered nature’s greatest source of negative ions. This is a huge contributing factor to why the scent from waterfalls and spending time at the beach feels so refreshing. We often feel renewed or refreshed being witnesses to the natural negative-ion creating occurrences. Have you noticed how there is something quite refreshing about the air quality during the aftermath of a rain shower or a light storm?

Besides providing a gentle and soothing glow, the Himalayan salt lamps are a necessity for your home if you are interested in improving the air quality. The lamps will rid your room of air pollutants. At the same time, they offer a way to beautify your room with its effervescent glow.


Health Benefit 2: Its light and color offers therapeutic benefits

The soothing light that these lamps radiate out can be very helpful in boosting one’s mood and the general energy level of the body. The gentle tone that the salt emits offers a soothing and pleasant feeling and is always used for increasing focus and calming the body. This is especially effective for relieving the symptoms of patients who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The negative ions present in the salt, though small, makes it useful in boosting and improving your mood. Darker colored lamps are typically considered higher quality. Lamps should specify that they are 100% Himalayan salt, as cheap imitations may use lower quality salt.

Health Benefit 3: It helps in soothing allergies

Not only does natural air contains toxic radiation, but it also contains allergens such as smoke, pet dander, and pollens. Thankfully, the Himalayan salt laps work to dilute these allergens and odors so that you can breathe more easily.

What’s more, a few years back, I introduced an asthmatic friend of mine to Himalayan salt without any knowledge of the magic that this soothing lamp can do. On discovering its allergy soothing properties, she would always find relief in a room filled with the gas that the salt lamps emit.

After some additional reading on the topic, she proved her hypothesis and even found out that there were such things as Himalayan salt inhalers! Since this revelation, she has been enjoying the required relief needed for her asthma by using Himalayan salt as a holistic medicine ever since.


Health Benefit 4: Electromagnetic radiation is neutralized

We currently live in a technological revolution. At a time like this, we are essentially living in a world immersed in a pool of invisible electromagnetic radiation flowing from every electronic device around us. Although the rays look and act harmless to the body, constant exposure to them can lead to serious health issues. Studies have shown that constant exposure to this type of radiation can result in an increase in stress levels, chronic fatigue and could also lead to the decrease in the response of the immune system. Unfortunately, constant exposure to electronic radiation will leave the body vulnerable to other sicknesses and infections to attack.

The negative ions emitted into the air by Himalayan salt helps neutralize this electromagnetic radiation. Negative ions bond together with positive ions which neutralizes them. This process helps to cleanse the air. For a healthy living environment where you are shielded from all forms of electromagnetic radiation produced, keep a salt lamp close to your television, computer and any of the other electronics that you often use. By so doing, you can rest assured that you are potentially reducing the dangers and potential threats the radiation poses to you and your loved ones.

Health Benefit 5: Soothing light source

When discussing the multitude of benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, we cannot forget to mention the beautiful zen-like glow they exhibit. This gorgeous display not only brightens up your space, but it also serves as a soothing light source to create a calming effect.

Studies conducted in the past by experts have shown that the body reacts differently to different hues of light.

You don’t have to look far to learn about the various negativities there are associated with using blue light. Nowadays many people are being advised to stay clear of it and to limit the amount of time and activity spent using devices that emit this band of ray. Some of these devices include mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and computers.

Only a glance at the few examples given says only one thing, an impossibility; It is practically impossible to stay clear of at least one of the devices that are listed.

On the other hand, a Himalayan salt lamp produces an orange glow similar to the one produced by a campfire or a candlelight. This gorgeous but subtle shine makes salt lamps the perfect lighting source for your bedroom or snug room. Additionally, Himalayan salt lamps serve the best type of lighting to assist with sleeping disorders because it poses no negative threat to any part of the body, neither does it negatively affect the sleep.

Not only are Himalayan salt lamps aesthetically pleasing to look at or to be used as a zen decor item for your room, but they are also useful in improving your health and overall well-being, all because of the negative ions it generates.

How the Himalayan salt lamp actually works


Just like any other salt, Himalayan salts are also hygroscopic. This makes it typical for it to attract water vapor in the air as well as other pollutants and impurities also within the air.

Another distinctive characteristic of this unique salt is that the fact that it is solid salt crystal. This means that it cannot be diffused into the air and can therefore not be breathed in.

What’s more, the heat that the lamp emits releases water vapor into the environment while trapping all impurities within it.

The size of the salt lamp is relative to its effect. A good rule of thumb is that generally, 1 pound of salt will filter approximately a 4×4 area of a room. Smaller lamps are typically much less expensive, so its advised to keep 1-2 in smaller rooms and 2-3 in larger rooms of your office, home or studio.


Overall, when used consistently over time, we will reap the benefits of the exposure of negative ions that Himalayan salt lamps provide.

Personally, I recommend that every now and then you turn the lamp off for some time and gently wipe it off with a damp cloth to clean all the dust and trapped particles. After which, just like me, you can leave it turned on to continue its beautiful job of cleaning the air in your personal room and spaces.


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