Vibrant Yogini is a health and wellness instructor/ therapist currently on a world trip to bring her knowledge and skills in the health and wellness industry to every country on the planet. During the world trip, Vibrant Yogini will be available for health and wellness services (book an appointment). Vibrant Yogini will continue to upload regular travel blogs and vlogs related to health and wellness around the world. Use the information as a ‘tried and tested’ insight, so that you can share the same experiences on your next world adventure.

Wellness Training

Vibrant Yogini takes pride that she has been authentically trained by experienced locals during her world travels. She chose to learn each of the therapies that she offers to clients within the regions of the world in which each therapy originates from;

  • Swedish Oil Massage, Western Europe.
  • Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh, Northern India
  • Traditional Thai Massage, Northern Thailand style in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Thai Foot Massage with stick in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Tok Sen, a 5000 year old therapy from Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Balinese Massage, in Bali Indonesia
  • Reiki in Asia

Find out where Vibrant Yogini is on her world travels and feel free to book an appointment.

Countries Visited So Far

World Map Countries Visited


Vibrant Yogini has visited 39 out of 195 countries in the world so far.

Learn more about the journey that led up to the creation of Vibrant Yogini by reading her story below…


Vibrant Yogini has always had a passion for nutrition, fitness, looking after the body and being pampered in spas. But it wasn’t until she visited Rishikesh, North India, that her interest in holistic therapies really catapulted her on to an exciting new journey in life.


Magical India…

Rishikesh is famous for being the yoga capital of the world and is where the original, Hatha yoga, was born. Located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, it is a very sacred and spiritual place in the Hindu religion. Many Pooja ceremonies take place, blessing the Holy River Ganges that gracefully flows through. Vibrant Yogini spent four weeks in Rishikesh studying meditation, Ayurvedic health and the art and philosphy of yoga during a 200-hour teacher training course, accredited by the Yoga Alliance.


England to Thailand…

After qualifying and becoming registered as a yoga teacher, she then returned to her home county of Gloucestershire, England. Following her intuition she spent two weeks learning Swedish oil full body massage on an intensive level 3 Diploma course accredited by ITEC. (International Therapy Examination Council). The day after her course had finished, she listened to her sixth sense and flew straight out to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Her journey studying holistic therapies was continued. She spent her first few days learning about Thai Massage at the famous Master Pichest Boonthommes home temple in Hang Dong. It was here that she felt pleasantly hypnotised by the therapeutic sound of Tok-Sen therapy; a 5000 year old therapy from Chiang Mai. This experience intrigued and inspired her to learn how to conduct Tok-Sen therapy herself.


After becoming certified, she spent two weeks in the old town of Chiang Mai learning a full Northern Thai style massage routine. The massage school she chose was founded by two of the directors of the famous Old Medicine Hospital which dates back to 1962. Once certified with 60 hours of training, she then moved on to discover the traditional Thai foot massage therapy that uses a wooden stick and was invented in Chiang Mai. Not long after, Vibrant Yogini enrolled on to a course to learn how to conduct this treatment. Having completed vast amounts of training and learning many new techniques and therapies, she felt it was time to move on. However, the magic of Chiang Mai had captured her and she stayed for a further three weeks practicing yoga at different studios and exploring the natural beauty of Northern Thailand.


Hong Kong…

After Thailand, she was able to follow her heart and moved to Hong Kong to be with the love of her life. It was here that Vibrant Yogini was created to help reach out to the world. Through the brand, she was able to offer her wide array of new skills to clients from all walks of life. From private business residents of Hong Kong, to owners and guests onboard large luxury superyachts, she has a vast amount of professional expertise in the health and wellness industry.



But her journey in holistic therapy did not stop here.. In Vibrant Yogini then visited Bali, Indonesia to learn Balinese massage on a course accredited by CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology). She then spent her winter months becoming an ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified personal trainer to offer yet more knowledge and services to her community of clients.


The Journey Continues…

Vibrant Yogini enjoys continually developing her mind, body and soul through new experiences and knowledge. 2018 will take her to Japan to advance her skills in the local alternative therapies of Shiatsu and Reiki, where both treatments originate from. She will also be heading to Sri Lanka and Bali. Her commitment to travelling the world to gain authentic training and experience is to ensure you are given the best possible experience when enjoying one of her many services.


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Being socially conscious involves being more aware about our role as citizens of the Earth to preserve the natural world that we live in. Taking actions locally, as small as they may seem, will help towards the overall goal of saving our planet.

Every quarter Vibrant Yogini will donate 5% of profits that have been raised over the course of the three months. The donations will be given to a charity that is local to where the business has been predominantly operating in during that time.


First Quarter:

The first charity to be chosen is Earth Care who are based in China-Hong Kong. Earth Care shares a similar vision and values to Vibrant Yogini; protecting our environment; saving the Earth; green living and sustainable development. A few of their biggest achievements to date have been:

  • The first Chinese-based charity to lead anti-shark fin campaigns
  • The first Chinese-based charity to lead the use of herbal alternatives to replace animal parts in Chinese medicine
  • Setting up the first Animal Orphanage (AO)


Please navigate to the Eco page to learn more about my personal values and how I take responsibility to help preserve the beauty of our natural planet.

Or if you have any feedback about myself or my brand then please feel free to leave a comment below 🙂



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