Chakra Healing Stones: The Best Crystals For Healing

chakra healing with crystals for beginners

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Chakra Healing Stones: The Best Crystals For Healing

For years, prescribed and over-the-counter medication has been used to treat illness, disease and ailments of the body and mind. Often they work to simply mask or give temporary pain relief. Yet, prevention is always better than cure.

Holistic therapies, on the other hand, date back to ancient times and were primarily used in the East to promote the health and vitality of the mind, body and spirit.

From technological advances causing the information-sharing era of the world, more people have been able to spiritually ‘wake up’ and become more aware of alternative methods of healing. This, added with desperation and frustration with relying on Western medicine, energy healing practices are becoming increasingly popular in the Western world too.

This article will teach you about the energy channels of the body and how you can keep yourself in optimum health to prevent sickness and poor physical and mental health.

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Chakra Healing For Beginners (1)

Chakras for beginners: What are chakras and how do they work?

Before we learn about how crystals can heal the chakras, let’s first take a closer look at what chakras are and how they work.

The word chakra is actually derived from Sanskrit, which translates to ‘wheel.’ This term refers to spinning vortexes, shaped like a cone that points towards the body and slowly expanding, allowing energy to spiral in and flow freely through our body. This is why chakras are often described as the energy centres of the body.

For beginners, we generally focus on the seven primary chakras; root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown.

When all seven primary chakras are open and spinning, they are in balance and energy is able to flow freely through the body, helping us to function properly and fully on a physical, emotional and mental level.

However, negative life experiences and different types of emotional stress can affect the balance of the chakras, which can become either over or under active. This is why it is so important to stay mentally positive and focused. When one or more of our chakras are unbalanced, energy flows too quickly or too slowly through it. Alternatively, the chakra may be closed or blocked, causing energy to stop flowing through the chakra altogether.

When our chakras are not functioning properly, we are more prone to illness and disease, as well as, emotional and mental disorders to develop in the physical body.

How to use crystals for healing

When our chakras are not functioning properly, harmony needs to be restored in order to return it to a state of good health.

Similar to how a tuning fork works with musical instruments, anything that has a strong harmonious and orderly energy pattern, such as sound frequencies, or crystals, can help entrain our chakras back to a harmonious state.

Just like the different chakras have unique levels of energetic vibrational frequencies, each type of crystal does too.

When finding a perfect match in the energy patterns, the crystal will resonate with a particular chakra and help to restore the chakra back to its healthy and pure state.

Like with any method of healing, the practitioners intention is critical in order to help the healing process.

Heal yourself

Although you can go to an energy healer to help balance your chakras, healing can also be practiced by yourself on your own body.

It is really important to be mindful of, and take responsibility for your own health, wellness and personal growth. There are so many benefits of adopting healthy habits into your lifestyle, such as meditating every morning.

Therefore, learning how to conduct a self-healing practice is vital in order to keep your mind, body and spirit in optimum health.

The next section will teach you the process you need to follow to balance your chakras so that energy flows harmonously.

The best crystals for healing

Each energy centre of the body is connected to a colour, each of which emits different levels of vibrational frequencies depending on what colour it is. The base chakra has the lowest frequency. The level of energetic vibrational frequency increases steadily as we work our way up to each of the other chakras, finishing at the crown chakra which has the highest vibrational frequency.

In order to heal each of the individual chakras, a stone of similar colour needs to be used respectively. This will work to reset and in turn ‘heal’ the vibrational energy of the chakra, allowing it to open and unblock ready for energy to flow freely through. This helps keep our mind, body and soul in optimum health, while also helping to make us feel more balanced.

Let’s now take a closer look at each of the chakras of the body and the ideal crystals to heal each one;

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

  • Colour: White
  • Common problems: Inability to think clearly when you are under stress. Feelings of going about life without having a specific purpose or path, leaving you feeling lost.
  • Healing crystal: Clear Quartz
  • Benefits: Once your heart chakra becomes realigned you will have more clarity and feelings of having a higher purpose.
  • Mantra for meditation: ‘Aum’

Third-eye Chakra (Agyna)

  • Colour: Purple
  • Common problems: You may experience nightmares and may begin to feel stuck and in an emotional rut, becoming closed off to new ideas. You may also feel as if your intuition is off, and you cannot trust your “gut feelings.”
  • Healing crystal: Amethyst
  • Benefits: Once your sacral chakra is back in balance, you will feel more calm and organised in your life, as well as being able to visualise your dreams more clearly.
  • Mantra for meditation: ‘Sham’

Throat Chakra (Vishuddi)

  • Colour: Blue
  • Common problems: Inability to speak the truth and express yourself. Unable to articulate your thoughts clearly, leading to miscommunications and frustration. Unnecessary arguments and hurtful words.
  • Healing crystal: Lapis Lazuli
  • Benefits: Once your heart chakra becomes realigned you will communicate well with others and gain spiritual trust.
  • Mantra for meditation: ‘Ham’

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

  • Colour: Green
  • Common problems: Problems in your relationships or feeling unattached to the people you love. Or becoming too attached to things, resulting in you being overly emotional all the time. Learn more about how to open your heart chakra.
  • Healing crystal: Green Aventurine
  • Benefits: Once your heart chakra becomes realigned, you radiate love of all kinds. Your relationships will begin to strengthen again and you will feel hopeful.
  • Mantra for meditation: ‘Yam’

Solar Plexus (Manipura)

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Common problems: Feeling powerless, especially under pressure. Nervousness and inability to gain control over your life. Or being a “control freak.”
  • Healing crystal: Yellow Aventurine
  • Benefits: Once your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you will begin to feel motivated, focused and confident in your decisions.
  • Mantra for meditation: ‘Ram’

Sacral Chakra (Swadisthana)

  • Colour: Orange
  • Common problems: Lack of energy and motivation. Extreme lethargy and depression, lacking joyful moments in your life. Or feeling constant frustration, leading to you breaking down in tears too often.
  • Healing crystal: Carnelian
  • Benefits: Once your sacral chakra is back in balance, you will begin to feel excitement, inspiration and motivation again.
  • Mantra for meditation: ‘Vam’

Root Chakra (Mooladhara)

  • Colour: Red
  • Common problems: Feeling unhappy with your body size or shape. Feeling out of control of your life and having a short and angry temper.
  • Healing crystal: Red Jasper
  • Benefits: Once your root chakra is balanced, you will feel more grounded, solid and confident in yourself.
  • Mantra for meditation: ‘Lam’

Energy healing with chakra stones

For thousands of years, crystals have been used by energy healers and other alternative healers for healing the mind, body and spirit. As briefly discussed earlier and in particular, crystals are used for their powerful energetic vibrational quality, which is used to unblock the energetic centre points of the body, also known as the chakras.

Learn more about Beginner Healing Crystals For Your Home here.

One of the most popular methods of this crystal chakra healing practice is called ‘laying on of stones.’

Sourcing your chakra healing stones

In order to practice this healing method, you will need to have a set of chakra crystals.

You can either purchase each chakra crystal individually over time, or invest in a complete set designed for the sole purpose of chakra healing.chakra healing stones

Chakra healing with stones: Laying on of crystals

1. Crystal Preparation;

  • Select the crystals you will be using for the chakra healing practice.
  • Cleanse your crystals by either;
    • Washing in salt water (this can be sea salt dissolved in water, or sea water).
    • Burying in the earth overnight (point facing down if you are using a crystal wand).
    • Exposing to moonlight (especially a full moon).
    • Running under cool water (especially a natural spring).
    • Holding in a closed fist and “blowing into it” (blow into the small gap where your thumb and index finger are curled around each other) while setting an intention to purify.
  • Find a comfortable place to lay down and place the crystals where they will be easily accessible to you once you are led down.

2. Practice Preparation;

  • Lay down on your back making sure you are nice and comfortable (you can use a blanket, and place a pillow under your knees and head if this makes you feel more relaxed).
  • Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and slowly (inhale all the way into the lower third of your lungs – your stomach will rise and fall if you’re doing it correctly!).
  • Set your intention for the healing session (if you’re just going to work with one chakra, set the specific intention for that chakra. If you’re going to work with all the chakras, set a general intention for the practice).

3. Chakra Healing;

  • Place the crystals over the relevant chakras of the body while setting your intention as you do this. Sense the energy of the stone, and visualize its bright color and harmonious energy “tuning” the chakra. If you’re only going to work with one chakra, place the stone over that chakra. If you’re going to work with the whole chakra system, you can proceed in either of two ways:
    • A) You can start at the crown chakra and work your way down, in order, to the first chakra (this helps with grounding and centering, alleviating headaches and anxiety, and manifestation). If you are using wand crystals, face the point towards the feet.
    • B) You can go the other way, starting at the root chakra and working your way up to the crown (this helps with raising energy to a higher vibration, enhancing spiritual development, increasing physical energy). If you are using wand crystals, face the point towards the head.
  • Learn more about healing your heart chakra here.
  • After all the stones that you will be using have been set, simply rest for a while, allowing your chakras to be balanced and cleared by the chakra stones.
  • Remember to breathe slowly and deeply; emptying your mind as much as possible so that you are in a meditative state.
  • When the stones start to roll off your body, or when it feels right, end the healing. Remove the stones one by one in order.

4. Aftercare;

  • Gently return your awareness to the here and now, and allow yourself to transition slowly back into your daily life. Drink a glass of water, and perhaps eat a piece of fruit.
  • You may want to write in your journal about what you’ve experienced.
  • At some point, re-clear your chakra stones.
  • Watch for gentle, positive changes for the next week or so.

Please note: If a stone doesn’t feel right or keeps rolling off once you place it, go with that feeling and remove it, either leaving that chakra without a stone, or using a different one.

Further Suggested Reading

Book 1: “Chakra Care: Do-It-Yourself Energy Healing For A More Joyful, Loving, Fruitful Life”

If you enjoyed reading this post, I recommend reading this book to learn more about the chakras and how you can balance, align and nurture them -whether you are a beginner or already an established energy healer.

Click here to read the 5 star customer reviews or to purchase the book.

You can expect to learn;

  • A clear overview of each chakra.
  • Real-life signs spelling out whether the chakra is healthy or not.
  • A checklist to help you diagnose whether the chakra could use healing.
  • 70+ activities to support the chakra.
  • Concepts about energy, energy healing and chakras, two chakra meditations and a hands-on technique for balancing all seven chakras, and five helpful appendices explaining how to do foundational energy healing techniques.

Book 2: “The Crystal Bible Volume 3”

Not only my humble opinion, but also the best-selling crystal directory book available worldwide, with more than 1 million copies sold, is;

I bought the hardback version of this book when I first started learning about crystals and it has been such a useful reference guide since.

Although there is a kindle version, I personally always recommend going for the paper back version when purchasing a book that is to be used as a reference guide. This makes it much easier for you to flick back and forth and mark certain places – just like I have done with mine!

The size is small (5.8 x 1.1 x 6.8 inches), so it fits perfectly on a desk, in your handbag and even in your hands easily when reading.

Click here to purchase the book or read the 5-star reviews from other happy readers!

The Crystal Bible highlights:

  • Contains more than 250 new generation, high-vibration stones for healing and transformation.
  • Included are many new and rare minerals whose esoteric properties are not described elsewhere.
  • Unlike volume 1 and 2, this book also includes a section on crystal skulls, crystal beings, Madagascan stones, and how to work with the ‘new’ chakras, such as the Soul Star and Manifestation chakras, that are stimulated by the powerful crystals featured.

Audio Crystal Therapy Downloads

If you haven’t yet ordered any chakra crystals, or you are waiting for them to arrive in the post, then in the mean time you can use sound vibrations to replicate the healing power of crystals.

Using Advanced scientific techniques have been used to identify and recreate the exact frequencies that each crystal uses to help heal the body.

Listening to the correct audible and sub audible frequencies whilst relaxing can recreate the healing power of crystals through these sound frequencies.

Check out the audible files here.

No physical crystals or minerals are required for the sound vibration technique to work on healing the chakras, but I think it is great to use both the sound frequencies and chakra crystals together during your energy healing practice.

For a full set of 34 crystal healing audio downloads it is currently being offered at: $27 USD£20 GBP  (RRP approx: $50 USD / £37 GBP)

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