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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that ”somebody else will save it.”

Only when the last plant has died, the last water reserve has been poisoned, and the last species has been killed, will all of humanity simply realise that ”we cannot eat money”

I may only be one person. But one person can make a difference. Small acts of kindness to our planets natural beauty when multiplied by millions of influenced people can transform the world for the better.


chiang mai elephants

Photo: Happy Elephant Home, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Where elephants have been rescued from performing at shows and ridden by tourists. Now they can roam free and be true elephants in their natural habitat. 


Ethical Products

I only use products from ethical sources that are 100% organic, vegan and have not been tested on animals.


Green Suppliers

I only acquire products from suppliers who practice sustainability. Examples include: offering a plant a tree program; using reusable packaging; and reducing carbon footprints. I select the highest quality products and equipment that have a long life guarantee in order to reduce waste pollution and to help protect our planet.


Plant a Tree Program

The business cards and flyers that I use are sourced from a supplier who practices environmentally friendliness by using vegetable-based inks and recycled paper. They also work with reforestation partners. This means that for every order I make, a new tree is planted. Likewise, for every purchase of massage equipment I make, a tree is planted on my behalf, preserving the Earth for generations to come.



Reducing Carbon Footprint

To diminish fuel consumption I chose to be mobile; I invested in a luxuriously comfortable high-end portable massage table and yoga mat, which allows me to walk to every client. This further reduces my carbon footprint.


Renewable Energy

To reduce damaging carbon emissions entering our atmosphere I charge all electronic devices using a solar USB charger. The unit I have generates enough energy from the sunlight to charge up my mobile phone, laptop, and portable speaker. I also wear a solar wrist watch for additional time-keeping.


Waste Reduction

Cotton pads are extremely damaging to the environment and are unfortunately still currently used by many holistic massage therapists. Vibrant Yogini only uses environmentally friendly re-usable pads which are washable in eucalyptus essential oil mixed with eco-friendly washing detergent and disinfectant that has not been tested on animals.

What’s more, an android app on my phone is used to display the client consultation and disclaimer form that allows the client to enter their details electronically. Once the form has been filled in, it is saved as a PDF and filed securely and digitally away, thus reducing the use of paper and printing resources.

The business advertisement flyers are sourced from a sustainable supplier and printed with soy ink on biodegradable paper.


If you have any feedback then please feel free to send a message to Vibrant Yogini.



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