10 Beginner-Friendly Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

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10 Beginner-Friendly Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng Shui, pronounced as “fung shway” is a Chinese practice that ensures the home environment is neatly organised, warm, and full of promise. According to feng shui, all objects possess energy which is known as ‘chi.’ The chi is responsible for bringing good fortune, health, success, opportunities, and happiness to a home. Learn more about the health benefits of a Zen home.

Feng Shui further holds that the design and arrangement of a person’s living space often reflects their life and can increase happiness and productivity.

The key is to create a positive environment and create uplifting energy that will make your home burst forth with life. No wonder this style of interior design is becoming increasingly popular!

This article will help you understand how to apply Feng Shui within your home. All you have to do is follow the ten important and beginner friendly steps in the rest of this article, and you can start creating a beautiful aura to live and bloom in!

The 10 Feng Shui tips for your home!

Using zen decor within your home is part of feng shui. It provides a vast array of health benefits. Click here to find out how feng shui improves your health.

Feng Shui Tip 1: Keep the front door open

The front door is the gate with which chi enters the home. Therefore, it should be kept open during the day.

When the front door is open, there is free flow of positive energy into the house. On the contrary, a closed door impedes energy flow.

As the front door is open, try placing a red flower near the door. In feng shui, such an action brings energy, luck, and wealth into the home.

Feng Shui Tip 2: Use mirrors wisely

Mirrors reflect energy within the house. As such, place a mirror in a position where much energy is needed.

The best feng chui practice is that the mirror should always reflect something beautiful.

In the bedroom, the mirror will radiate good energy required for enjoyable sex. However, it will also deter you from having peaceful sleep. Therefore, be careful about the use of mirrors in the bedroom.

Feng Shui Tip 3: Clear the clutter in and around the home

There is a feng shui proverb that says a cluttered house results into a cluttered mind. I guess it exudes the same meaning as the common proverb “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

Subsequently, one should arrange to clean the house and take away litter as often as possible. Doing so improves the ambience of the home.

Clearing the clutter also leads to clarity of mind as well as a healthy body.

Feng Shui Tip 4: Be careful about where you place family photos

All of us love our family photos. They carry lots of memories for the good times that we share. It is therefore, not a surprise to find the photos hanged all over the home.

Family photos are great when they are placed in the living room, corridors, and dining room among other places. However, in feng shui, they are forbidden inside the master bedroom.

The bedroom is a sacred place for both you and your spouse. Only photos of the both of you may be hanged in the bedroom.

Placing the photos of children, friends, and family relations in the bedroom draws your attention to your responsibilities. Hence, your cherished restful moments may be interrupted.

Feng Shui Tip 5: Bring nature into the home

Nature always provides the aspect of serenity and peace to your home. It makes you and family less anxious and less angry.

Enhance an excellent feng shui room by opening windows to let in fresh air. Also, open the curtains to bring in natural light.

Nature can also be brought into the home by having live plants in the house. Besides, adorning paintings of nature on the walls also tactfully brings nature to the home.

Feng Shui Tip 6: Preserve the presence of chi

The chi inside the house may be released out of the house. It is therefore important to know how to prevent runaway chi.

You do so by ensuring the back door is closed or has a curtain to obstruct the exit of chi. In any case the front and back door are directly across each other, there’s need to place decorative objects in their path.

Instead of the decorative objects, one can also place furniture in the path to preserve the presence of chi within the home.

Feng Shui Tip 7: Balance the 5 elements

The five elements of feng shui are water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. The feng shui rule is that all the five elements should be represented in every room.

You can do so by either having decorative objects made of these materials such as stone pebbles, flower vase, and a candle. Ensure that the candle is non-toxic.

Alternatively, represent the elements by colors that symbolize them. Black denotes water, green represents wood, white is for metal, red stands for fire, and yellow, tan, or brown are symbols of earth.

Balancing the five elements within each room ensures that you live a balanced life.

Feng Shui Tip 8: Encourage warmth and calm in the bedroom

under pillow crystal healing 2

In feng shui, the Chinese believe that the bedroom is amongst the most important rooms in the house. It is considered a place of rest, peace, restoration, and dreaming.

You also enjoy love and warmth in the bedroom. Hence, the bedroom needs to have a calm, exciting, inviting, and vibrant atmosphere. Make it heavenly, so that you can easily get lost in your dreams and enjoy perfect rest.

To promote this peaceful environment, use fluffy pillows and sensual fabrics. The best colors for bedroom feng shui are pale white and chocolate brown.

Keep the room properly ventilated by opening the windows. Additionally, use both the natural and artificial lighting to brighten the room’s tone.

A perfect feng shui bedroom must show intentions of cultivating love, healing, and relaxation.

Feng Shui Tip 9: Keep the bathroom door closed

In feng shui, the chi in the home should not be allowed to get to the bathroom. The Chinese believe that doing so leads to the “flushing” away of the positive energy within the home.

Therefore, a feng shui bathroom must have the bathroom and toilet doors closed. They should be well ventilated and receive adequate sunlight. You can use air fresheners to keep the air in the bathroom fresh.

Besides, place mirrors in the bathroom. They will help in reflecting back chi to its source. If there are any torn curtains in the bathroom, replace them with new ones.

Feng Shui Tip 10: Living plants are a treasure in the home

A shocking reality is that living plants dispense their own chi. They also attract chi to themselves. Placing the plants in different rooms of the house has varied effects.

Having live plants in the dining room will draw abundance to the home. Growing plants in the family room brings about good networks, good health, and a wholesome life.

In the kitchen, the plants should be placed in between the hot and cold appliances as they will generate a balancing effect.

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