Holistic Healing Methods: Strategies To Cope With Anxiety

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Holistic Healing Methods: Strategies To Cope With Anxiety

How can I overcome anxiety and panic attacks naturally?

You can practice holistic healing methods such as yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to overcome anxiety and panic attacks. You can also use crystals and vitamins to help overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

Can holistic healing methods really blast away feelings of anxiety in 30 seconds? Yes, yes and yes!

Whether you prefer to use anxiety healing stones (such as crystals for anxiety and panic attacks), or take vitamins for anxiety and panic attacks, you are sure to find something in this guide that you can resonate with to help you take control of your panic attacks naturally.

To be more specific about instant relief from anxiety, initially pranayama, yogic breathing techniques can swiftly help to calm you.

Imagine the possibility of immediate relaxation when you’re in a difficult situation. Whether you are…

  • in a stressful meeting at work,
  • nervous about flying,
  • you have just got off of the phone with an angry client,
  • at a dreaded event having to mingle with the types of people you’ve tried to avoid your whole adult life!

When you feel that sharp twinge of anxiety bubbling up inside of you, follow the techniques in this article to help you let go of stressfeel better and overall more confident.

No More Panic Health Anxiety – Understanding Panic Attacks

The diagram distinguishes between panic attacks and anxiety.

To understand the difference even further, the following articles are a great resource:

  • What’s the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack? – Read More
  • Anxiety Attacks vs. Panic Attacks: Differences include intensity and how long the attack lasts – Read More

No more panic health anxiety

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strategies to cope with anxiety holistic healing methods

Let’s get one thing clear, I’m not here to talk lightly on the topic of anxiety. It is a deep and complex issue many of us live with. Anxiety may dance with some of us fleetingly; invited by external triggers. Whilst others may have a chronic, long-suffering and very internal relationship with this beast.

Its important to mention that we have ultimate control of our thoughts. Anxiety is created from manifested worry and stress. We need to learn to remember to breathe fully, practice mantras and affirmations, as well as incorporating gratitude journalling into our everyday lives. This will help us to feel more lighthearted, fearless and positive!

I’d like to share with you some tips and tricks to help you regulate your emotions in the moment. Should you feel your anxiety is disrupting and disabling your ability to have a happy and peaceful life, please, before you continue reading, pick up the phone to your Doctor and book in to have a chat with them. You owe it to you.

Holistic Healing Methods: Meditation

Holistic Healing Methods: Meditation

Can meditation help with anxiety and panic attacks?

Yes, meditation calms the mind, which helps a person overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

Mindfulness meditation is a bit of a buzzword these days but essentially it is about being present and in the moment. Did you know that all these ideas stem from ancient yoga philosophy? You may wonder how being present can help calm feelings of anxiety… Or you may ponder whether the current moment you are focusing on, is even really that nice after all?

Learn more about the benefits of meditating every morning here.

To be frank, anxiety appears because of bad experiences in the past or worrying about (perceived or actual) threats in the future. Anxiety should be a friend to us; it’s a biological call to action and works on a very basic level to keep us alive. When you feel anxious, it is your intuition signaling that something doesn’t seem quite right. That sixth sense expects you to analyse the situation and act accordingly. However, when anxiety is present without any real danger, we need to learn ways to control it. We need to learn to sit with it and ultimately to realise we control our anxiety, it does not control us.

Meditation for anxiety: Practice this exercise the next time you feel angst!

To overcome anxiety, it is important to practice healthy habits. You must train your mind to recognize feelings of anxiety and react by practicing a meditation exercise.

The following simple and easy introductory meditation exercise can be practiced whenever you feel angst:

  • Focus on any object in front of you.
  • Look at it, notice the colour, shape, size, etc.
  • Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to the object and the details you see.
  • A focused mind is a healthy mind.

Prayer for anxiety and panic attacks

An alternative to this exercise is using prayer for anxiety or panic attacks OR practicing mantras and affirmations. You can read more about that, here.

Strategies To Cope With Anxiety: Yoga

Can yoga help with anxiety and panic attacks?

Yes, practicing yoga can help with overcoming anxiety and panic attacks.

What are the best yoga poses to overcome anxiety and panic attacks?

The best yoga poses to overcome anxiety and panic attacks are tree pose, forward bend and headstand.

There is a multitude of ways yoga can help you with anxiety. The most beneficial way is the hardest way, and that is having a consistent and regular yoga, meditation, and pranayama practice.

I’m talking daily, guys! A study at Harvard University found that yoga appears to modulate stress responses in the body. For example, helping regulate heart rate and speed of breath.

Hong Kong Yacht Yoga

Beware though; yoga without balance is another stress trigger. A daily yoga practice must comprise all elements including poses, meditation, and breathing. Too much focus on poses alone can be detrimental to body and mind.

If you have a fear of flying or get anxious while traveling, try these airport yoga stretches.

In addition, eating mindfully and taking notice of which emotions are triggered by the different foods you eat will help clean your system from the inside. We are all different, unique and wonderful. Find out what nourishes your body with this quick, simple and easy test.

The following yoga poses are geared towards getting you back to optimum mental fitness. Generally, yoga works its magic by getting you out of your head and back in your body. It stops you overthinking and allows a new focus, your physical body in the present moment. Each pose has been selected specifically for anxiety relief in mind.

1 Vibrant Yogini

Yoga for anxiety 1: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)


Benefits for anxiety relief:

  • Tree pose is a great starting point; it requires intense concentration to perfect its delicate balancing act.
  • The pose allows you to take a step back from the “monkey mind” by being forced to pay immediate attention, (unless you want to topple over…) so you can start facing life head-on.


  • Please seek doctor’s advice before practicing this pose if you have any of the following symptoms: a headache; insomnia; low blood pressure.
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure, don’t raise your arms overhead.

tree pose anxiety

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Yoga for anxiety 2: Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana)

Don’t be intimidated by headstand if you’re a beginner; it’s easier than you think and there are a ton of modifications available, as well as preparatory poses you can do if you’re not ready to flip just yet.

Benefits for anxiety relief:

  • Most inversions are great for anxiety. The combination of blood rushing to the head, as well as a completely new (upside down) angle on life, can help.
  • Headstand is especially good for those in a habit of over thinking and the pose will give perspective and clarity.


  • Please seek doctor’s advice before practicing this pose if you have any of the following symptoms: back injury; a headache; a heart condition; high blood pressure; menstruation; neck injury.
  • If you suffer from low blood pressure, don’t start practice with this pose.
  • Pregnancy: If you are experienced with this pose, you can continue to practice it late in pregnancy. However, don’t take up the practice of Sirsasana after you become pregnant.

headstand anxiety

3 Vibrant Yogini

Yoga for anxiety 3: Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

The beauty of the forward bend is anyone can do it and pretty much at any time. The trick is to hinge at the hips and prevent rounding of the spine as you fall forward.

Benefits for anxiety relief:

  • A lot of our stress is held in our jaw, neck, and shoulders. The forward bend allows for a good stretch of the upper body and a much-needed release.
  • This pose actually works to massage and relax the nervous system, reducing cortisol levels. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, it induces a fight response and can have catastrophic effects on the body in high doses.


  • Please consult in your doctor’s advice if you have a back injury.

forward bend anxiety

Holistic Healing Methods: Pranayama

Pranayama is defined as control of breath. Prana is breath or life force. Our ability to bring awareness to our breath has been proven time and again to reconnect us with self-control. Once we control our breath we are closer to controlling our thoughts and our anxiety.

Pranayama for anxiety: Breathing exercise

Anxiety triggers an emergency response in the body. Principally it causes a faster heart rate and shallow and upper chest breathing. Slowing down your breathing with this simple pranayama exercise can quickly trigger a parasympathetic response. This is the equally powerful opposing bodily response that works to promote calm and relaxation.

When you find yourself feeling anxious, take a moment and focus your attention on your breath:

  • Start to breathe slowly and deeply making sure your abdomen expands and contracts.
  • Focus on breathing in for 3 full seconds.
  • Hold your breath in for 3 seconds.
  • Breathe out for 5 seconds, making sure you expel air from the belly.
  • Repeat slowly as many times as necessary until you feel better.

Please note: You can extend the amount of time you inhale, hold and exhale for. Always make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale. No one will know, except you. Your heart rate will become more controlled and you should feel a little bit more able to cope with the situation you’re in.

Anxiety Healing Stones

What are the best crystals for anxiety and panic attacks?

Black Tourmaline and Lepisolite are the best crystals to overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

Although there are many different calming crystals for anxiety and panic attacks anxiety. Everyone will resonate with different ones. It is important to trust your intuition when choosing the best healing stones for you to use. If you find yourself being drawn to a particular one, trust your gut and go with that one. If you are able to touch and feel the calming crystals in person, hold each one in your hand and see which one feels good with your energy.

1 Vibrant Yogini

Black Tourmaline

Properties: Grounding, reduces overthinking, brings about prosperity.

This is a great anxiety healing stone for if you find yourself getting overwhelmed with fear and worry. It works as a sort of security blanket.

The best way to practice overcoming panic attacks with this crystal is to place a large chunk in each hand and imagine your insecurities getting pulled away from inside of you and sucked into the stone.

Wear black tourmaline around your neck or place it in a problematic area (on top of a computer or near a mobile phone) to dispel electromagnetic pollution.

2 Vibrant Yogini


Properties: Mood stabilizer, natural sleep aid, dissolves depression.

This is one of the most successful crystals for anxiety and panic attacks because it naturally contains lithium within it, which is often used in anti-anxiety medication.

Again, you can place a piece in each hand during meditation or when you find yourself getting worried. It is a great anxiety healing stone to bring about balance and harmony during hectic and stressful times. 

To protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution, keep lepidolite on or near your computer and electronic devices. It can be placed under the pillow for sleep disturbances.

Vitamins For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

By incorporating the following natural remedies and vitamins for anxiety and panic attacks into your diet, you can treat the underlying root cause of these mood disorders and get lasting relief.

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Vitamin B

Panic and anxiety attacks can be caused due to a deficiency in vitamin B in the body.

Therefore, to make sure that you include a healthy portion of vitamin B in your diet, try eating the following:

  • B12: Wild salmon, halibut and shrimp, grass-fed beef (especially beef liver), lamb, venison, eggs and yogurt.
  • B6 (Pyridoxine): Chicken, turkey, tuna, shrimp, beef liver, cheese, beans, spinach, carrots, brown rice and sunflower seeds.
  • B9 (Folic Acid): Spinach and other green, leafy vegetables, asparagus, turnips, beets, Brussels sprouts, avocadoes, beans, beef liver, salmon, and orange juice.

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Iron plays an important role in the production of serotonin. Having low iron levels can lead to anaemia and has been associated with fatigue, weakness, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

According to the World Health Organization, iron deficiency is the number one nutritional disorder in the world!

Women aged 19 to 50 require 18 mg of iron daily as iron deficiency is often caused by menstruation. Post-menopausal women and men require 8 mg of iron daily.

Iron is widely available in foods such as:

  • Liver (why not try pate?)
  • Shellfish
  • Chickpeas (snack on hummus)

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Downloadable Anxiety Tools

This week, I am extremely excited to share with you some further great tools that have come recommended to me to help overcome anxiety. Whether you enjoy reading self-help books, listening to audio books on-the-go or you have children who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, I have found something to suit each one of you. Check them out below.

Anxiety Tool 1: Rapid Relief ‘Panic Away’ Audiobook

If listening to audio books is more your style, this audio book is perfect for you!

Barry McDonagh is the most sought after anxiety coach, so much so that he decided to create an audio book to help more sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks. The book is intended to help you gain immediate relief and overcome anxious feelings in seconds. Keep a copy with you on your phone or tablet and take a listen when you feel the panic or anxiety brewing.

You can download a FREE copy of the ‘Rapid Relief’ audio file here.

Holistic Healing Methods strategies to cope with anxiety 4

If you purchase the full audiobook today at a special price of: $47 USD£35 GBP you will receive the following extras for FREE (worth $557 USD£415 GBP);

  • 3 months of private email counseling.
  • A lifetime of free program updates.
  • A copy of the ultimate stress relief guide.
  • 7 x one hour relaxation MP3 audio files.

Anxiety Tool 2: Panic Miracle System E-Book

This e-book is the only holistic system in existence that teaches you how to permanently cure your panic attacks and general anxiety, regain your self-confidence and enjoy life without fear. Let’s face it, we all love a good self-help book!

This one comes highly recommended as it walks you through all your emotions, it is almost like the writer is inside of your head!

Holistic Healing Methods strategies to cope with anxiety 5

The e-book is called: “Panic Miracle System” and has 250 pages of profound information about the topic of anxiety and how to overcome it once and for all.

Please note: This book is only available as a digital download -perfect for you busy lot on the go!

To sign up to the full ‘Panic Miracle’ program it is currently: $67.95 USD£50 GBP  (RRP approx: $139 USD / £104 GBP)

The full program consists of:

  • Access to the Panic Away Members Area
  • The Panic Away Video’s
  • Panic Away Audios
  • The E-book Version of the Panic Away Program
  • Panic Away Audios
  • Bonus Videos

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P.S.  I have suffered from anxiety in my mid-20’s. Yoga and meditation has really helped me overcome these feelings. It wasn’t until I realised what it was and how to control it that I was able to overcome anxiety.

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