14 Yoga Experts Share How Yoga Has Impacted Their Life

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14 Yoga Experts Share How Yoga Has Impacted Their Life

This week’s MATter Natter is an expert round-up asking 14 experienced yoga teacher’s and enthusiasts how yoga has impacted their life. As a little extra bonus, I will briefly share my own story too!


Agi Gwara [@Agisway]

As a former model i used to party a lot.

Yoga has changed my life from a party seeker to a yoga bunny.

That’s a much healthier option 🙂

Agi yoga star 3


Jenn Russell [@The_Travelling_Yogi]

Wow, how much time do you have? Literally in very way possible.

I have transformed my mind, body and soul in the past few years from a stressed out 9-5er to living my dream life running my own retreats and teaching all over the world.

I am so very blessed to be on this path 🙂

Jen Russell Yoga Star 5


Adell Bridges [@AdellBridges]

In every way.

Literally in every single way possible.

Yoga has taught me to understand myself.

And when you understand yourself—your body, your mind, your emotions, and who you are besides those things—it transforms the way you see everything.

I look at everything differently now: relationships, money, time, breathing, traffic jams, mirrors, hateful comments, love-filled comments….everything.


Alexa D’Orazio [@YogaByAlexa]

It has made me more mindful and open to ‘the other side’ – whether that is an argument, an opposing political view, whatever!

Alexa D'Orazio Yoga Star 1

Stine Brink [@StineBrink]

It has healed me and supported me for over 14 years now.

I can’t imagine how my life would have been without it.

Stine Brink Yoga Star 4


Ali King [@AliKingYoga]

Yoga has helped my life, by bringing me closer to others.

Ali King Yoga 1

Laura Helm [@LevelUpYogaTherapy]

Whether I am riding high and can see everything from a higher perspective or I’m stuck learning a lesson and being triggered by life situations or people, I know that nothing is permanent, that I am on the right path.

I surrender to whatever lessons are coming my way and trust that everything I go through is making me stronger and wiser.

I am learning to listen more to my intuition.

I am calmer, and more confident.

I love myself and I am happy in my own company.

I’m nearly 36 and I finally have that 6 pack the 19 year old me wanted haha.

Laura Helm Yoga Star


Veronica Brown [@YogicByNature]

Yoga has impacted my life immensely.

It’s teaching me patience and compassion and that it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

Even as a teacher, you remain a student for life.



Jessica [Mommy.Yoga]

It has impacted my life in many different ways!

I don’t have back pain anymore!

And even though I still fight anxiety and depression every now and then, yoga has made it 100 times easier!!

I would be LOST without it!

I’d also say that yoga brought my husband to me…

He is a health nut and I think the ‘yogi’ in me pulled him in and hooked him.

yoga stars the mommy yoga 1


Ali Washington [@Aliyah_PT]

How hasn’t it?

I think that would be a shorter answer.

I am not sure there is a single area of my life that yoga has not informed or influenced – from the way that I eat, the way that I speak to myself and others, the way I move, the way I breathe, the way I am conscious of my life and my connection to all – the world and teachings of yoga could certainly be found in the roots of almost everything I am and do.

Learning the art of truly BEING with myself and with my life has been the greatest influence yoga has had on my way of life.

Ali Washington Yoga Star 7


Kim Woodley [@Yogini.Kim]

Yoga has a huge impact on my life.

The greatest impact is the effect on my awareness.

I’m able to live more fully in the present moment and therefore enjoy life.

I’m more aware of myself as well as of my surroundings.

My thoughts are clearer and I have a feeling of understanding life better.

I’m calmer and my self-control increased a lot.

Because of all this, my daily life feels more harmonic to me and I’m happier than I was before, a lot happier.

Yogini Kim Woodley Yoga Stars 2


Nina Jarnum [@NinaJarnumYoga]

Apart from the obvious change of career path, it has had a profound impact on my fundamental personality; I used to be a very negative and impatient person, and although I’m still sarcastic and occasionally bitchy hahaha… I am generally a very positive and happy person now.

I am so much more able to look after myself and my actions objectively and recognise my weaknesses.

Nina Jarnum Yoga Star 3


Clara [@YogiToronto]

Yoga has taught me to enjoy the present moment and experience every moment deeply.

I’ve learned that you can take yoga from the mat to your everyday life and that is why i’m always trying to be better, healthier and more present not only when i’m by myself, but also when i’m with others.

And the best part is i’ve met awesome friends along this journey.

Yogi Toronto Clara Yoga Star 2


Robert Busch [@Yoga_Dude]

First of all, I became a yoga teacher as a full-time job, which is kind of a big impact.

It changed the way I take care of myself and helps me face challenges in my life.

There are many situations over the last years I can think of where my reaction would have been very different without this practice in my life.

The type of Yoga that has impacted my practice the most is ‘Self Awakening Yoga’ taught by Don Stapleton.

Besides, I prefer just calling it Yoga, as I like to teach the type of yoga that meets the needs of my students.

Over the years I have collected many different tools from different styles of yoga.

My classes are always a fusion of everything I have learned and experienced along my path.

Yoga Dude Robert Busch Yoga Stars 3


Samantha [@Vibrant_Yogini]

Yoga has allowed me to live a more mindful and happier life.

I have always been a positive person, but perhaps a little impatient and hard on myself sometimes too!

Yoga allows me to focus on the present moment, something that I was not always great at as a Pisces daydreamer.

Vibrant Yogini Meditation Contact Information I look forward to hearing from you


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