How Mindfulness Meditation Can Lead to Happiness

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How Mindfulness Meditation Can Lead to Happiness

Mindfulness is a spiritual practice that can be practiced by anyone. Developed based on ancient Buddhist meditation practices; mindfulness meditation has become a useful technique for our busy modern day lives.

But is it really possible that your mindfulness meditation practice can lead to happiness?

Read on for the 4 improvements in your life you can experience when you start practicing mindfulness meditation!


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Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Stay Present

One of the ways in which mindfulness meditation can lead to happiness is it strengthens your ability to stay present. Being mindful of your surroundings, the people you are with, and mindful of yourself in the present can lead to feelings of contentment and gratitude. When you commit to spending part of each day in a meditation practice your mind will feel clearer.

You will be able to focus on the people you are with more closely. There will be a sense of being in the moment as compared to perseverating on what the future may hold. A regular practice of mindfulness meditation can lead to happiness by keeping you in the here and now.

Mindfulness Meditation Will Help You Quiet Your “Mental Chatter”

You know the constant chatter that is happening in our minds? The to-do lists we are all running through or replaying events from the day. Mindfulness mediation can help quiet this constant mentally stimulated state. If you feel like you need to turn off your brain for a while or remove yourself from worrying thoughts, staying mindful can help bring you the relief you need.

If you find yourself getting stuck in a negative thought pattern, regular practice of mindfulness meditation can help pull you out of this. It can disrupt your typical thought patterns to bring you a more contemplative and accepting point of view. When you accept where you are at and where your thoughts are taking you, you are able to experience a greater sense of happiness.

Mindfulness MeditationWill Help Manage Your Perspective of Daily Stress

One of the best ways in which mindfulness meditation can lead to happiness is by helping you manage your perspective of daily stress. Of course, many aspects of life involve a certain degree of stress and meditation cannot take that away. We all have commitments, responsibilities, and people who rely on us. Due to the fact that stress is a normal part of life we can recognize that what changes our experience of stress is our perspective on it.

When you start to practice mindfulness meditation you will notice your awareness is broadened and the “small things” do not seem as big of a deal. In this way you are better able to manage the inevitable stressful events that come up throughout the day. Your mindset from practicing mindfulness meditation is better equipped to see the bigger picture, take into account all aspects of a situation, and therefore bring you a better sense of calm and overall happiness.

Mindfulness Meditation Will Help You Be More Aware of Your Emotions

Mindfulness meditation can help make you more aware of your emotions and responses. Often we allow our emotions to guide and direct our actions. The way we feel about something is typically behind our reaction to it.

Mindfulness meditation can lead to happiness in that you will have greater control over your emotional responses. You will have a better sense of clarity for how certain things make you feel, your typical reaction, and greater authority over how you will react. This type of meditation allows for expanded awareness of your inner self. It opens up your emotions to include happiness on a more regular basis.


Overall mindfulness meditation is a great practice for anyone on a spiritual development path. It can bring you a greater sense of calm, clarity, and happiness. When you zoom out to view yourself and your life from an expanded view point you will start to become more aware of what you need in life to be happy. For more information on mindfulness and meditation, visit Numerology Sign. These are just of the ways mindfulness meditation can lead to happiness. How do you think your practice of mindfulness meditation has brought positive changes into your life?

7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Practice

One of the excuses that I often hear the most when it comes to starting mindfulness meditation, is TIME. People show interest in starting meditation, but they have such busy schedules that they never end up making the time to practice.

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    • Track 7: A Tranquil Journey – Listen, follow the story, and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed 7 minutes later!
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    • Track 9: Delta Sleep Audio – Trigger your natural deep sleep cycle and drift off into a calm and restful sleep.

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P.S.  “Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar


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