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MINDFULNESS meditation is taking hold of mainstream culture. It is no secret that in recent years people are becoming more aware of their own personal health and wellness, aligning with natural and holistic methods of therapy. With this in mind, you may have noticed the rising popularity of digital detox and wellness vacations. It is no wonder then that there is now a high demand for the most exclusive, life-changing mindfulness meditation retreat.

Nowadays, you no longer have to venture to an exotic ashram in India for an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ style of break. Instead, whether you are traveling with friends, as a couple or solo, searching for an empowering mindfulness meditation retreat has become a lot easier. Websites such as has made it ever more efficient to be able to re-energize yourself and connect with the natural world.

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In this article, you will learn:

  • The bottomline of mindfulness meditation retreats
  • Mindfulness meditation retreats for beginner’s
    1. The spa-like approach
    2. The sports approach
    3. The full immersion approach
  • Advanced mindfulness meditation retreats
  • How to search for a mindfulness meditation retreat
  • 7 minute mindfulness meditation practice

The bottomline Of Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Participating in a mindfulness meditation retreat will provide you with many benefits for your mind, body and soul. These include learning how to:

Mindfulness Meditation Retreats For Beginner’s

Attending a meditation retreat can seem intimidating to those who are just starting to explore the practice of mindfulness meditation. The vast variation and forms of meditation retreats on offer in today’s marketplace can often deter newcomers from taking the next steps to joining a retreat. Yet practicing via longer, dedicated programs has already been proven to jump-start the meditative mind more than just spending a few minutes here and there.

Let’s face it, meditating regularly for prolonged periods of time is much more enjoyable when immersing yourself among luscious nature or when perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean and landscape below. Concentrating on focal points while exacting your breathing is much easier when you’re staring out onto beautiful sun-drenched rolling hills and a healthy nutritious garden-fresh meal is promised afterwards.

To streamline your search for the next beginner-friendly mindfulness meditation retreat to book onto, I have outlined three styles of mindfulness meditation retreats that are perfect for the relative newcomer, below.

1: The Spa-Like Approach

Newbies may find a spa-style retreat a lot less intimidating than spending time at a spiritual ashram. This style of retreat aims to pamper you and make you feel totally rejuvenated, allowing you to relax fully during your meditative practice.

2: The Sports Approach

Beginner-level meditation practitioners may prefer to choose a mindfulness meditation retreat that also caters to a specific sporting interest such as surfing, yoga or hiking (and more!). This way, you are allowing yourself to experience consistent meditation practice while also breaking away to enjoy your passions.

3: The Full Immersion Approach

If you are feeling confident, passionate and ready to throw yourself into your meditation practice, then opt for an ashram or retreat center that provides you with the opportunity to learn a variation of meditative styles so that you can find your preferred style of meditation.

Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

If you have been practicing mindfulness meditation for a while and class yourself as a seasoned practitioner, then you may be drawn to rigorous Zen retreats that border on monastic discipline. Plus, you can find mindfulness meditation retreats that are tailored completely to the style of meditation practice that you enjoy.

Some examples of more advanced practices can include:

How To Search For A Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

  1. Visit:

  2.  Choose ‘Yoga and Meditation Retreats’ from the ‘Popular’ dropdown menu on the search bar, and then click ‘Search’:Mindfulness meditation retreat 1

  3. Click the option to ‘show more search options’ where you can select your level of expertise and tailor your search to your needs:Mindfulness meditation retreat 2

  4. Before having to click into each retreat, you can preview the images by clicking the arrows, as well as seeing the dates, location, review score and price.Mindfulness meditation retreat 3

7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Practice

One of the excuses that I often hear the most when it comes to starting mindfulness meditation, is TIME. People show interest in starting meditation, but they have such busy schedules that they never end up making the time to practice.

Therefore, I wanted to share a great SHORT programme that has proven perfect for beginner’s!

For only 7 minutes of your time a day (coffee break? In bed before sleep? On the train commute?) you just plug in to one of the audio files of your choice and begin your meditation practice.

What’s more, with the programme there are two additional freebies thrown in to help assist you on your beginner’s mindfulness meditation journey.

Right now, you can get all of the following for a special early bird discounted price!

You will receive;

  • 1 x Book Of Mindfulness Exercises
  • 1 x Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook
  • 1 x Mindfulness Audio Programme (containing 9 x 7 minute audio files);
    • Track 1: Mind Body Relaxation – Tune your mind into your body, and release the tension in both.
    • Track 2: Declutter and Create Space – Declutter your busy mind and create space to bring out your best self.
    • Track 3: Turn Anxiety into Love and Joy – Gain mental strength when anxiety takes over your mind.
    • Track 4: A Boat Ride of Calm – Follow the story as your mind goes on a relaxing and invigorating journey.
    • Track 5: Three Part Breathing – Experience the traditional 3-part Yoga breathing technique that transforms your mind and body.
    • Track 6: Rejuvinate Your Mind – Release the tension in your mind and rejuvinate.
    • Track 7: A Tranquil Journey – Listen, follow the story, and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed 7 minutes later!
    • Track 8: Find Your Calm – Find your calm place and take whatever you need from 7 minutes of peace.
    • Track 9: Delta Sleep Audio – Trigger your natural deep sleep cycle and drift off into a calm and restful sleep.

Early bird discount offer: $17/£12 (Full price: $49/£35) when bought today. I will update the price for you when the deal is no longer available!

Purchase this amazing package deal and start your mindfulness meditation practice right away!

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