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The most tranquil and therapeutic meditation accessory. The gong makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of meditation, even for those who find meditating difficult.

 The gong acoustically elevates you to a higher state of awareness, creating a spontaneous meditative state that requires you to simply let go and listen. Arguably the gong is the ultimate sound healing tool, as it has the broadest range of tones and frequencies of any instrument. When played sensitively and well, this vast range of sound deeply bathes every cell of the body – muscles, bones, organs, nervous system, etc. – and via sonic entrainment brings it back into harmonic balance. 

Your wonderful item includes:

  • 1 x hanging brass gong
  • 1 x hammer

Special features:

  • Made of high quality, durable brass, which will not easily rust.
  • Size: Small 15 cm; Medium 22 cm
  • Weight: 166 G

How it works:

  • Every element of the universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us as light, sound and energy.
  • We perceive only a fraction of this infinite range of vibration.
  • The human being is an enclosed pulsating energy system, swimming in a sea of vibrating energy, striving to vibrate at an optimal frequency and maintain balance.
  • When your energy system is vibrating at an optimal frequency, you are at the peak of physical health, happiness, contentment and well-being.

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