The Healing Power Of Sound

Recent studies have shown that certain sounds and vibrations can help patients recover from a wide range of diseases as well as helping to prevent a lot of other diseases from attacking the body.

Sound to a very large extent can help define a person’s mood. It has a very powerful effect on our feelings and emotions which we experience for a very long time after listening.

What’s more, the body reacts to a wide variety of all kinds of sounds, differently.

An example of this is seen in the reaction of the body to the sound of a pounding hammer and the body’s reaction to the sound of trickling water, or scratching nails on a chalk board (this is an ‘old-fashioned’ style of electronic whiteboard for all the millennials reading!).

With all said and done, it is important that we recognize that there are specific sounds that will genuinely make us feel better regardless of if our conscious minds are paying attention to the sound or not. This is because our subconscious mind still absorbs the sound waves.

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Now, back to how sound can help heal us!

On hearing sounds and rhythms, our body either gets energized or slows down depending on the sound. After much studies into sound and its relationship with the body, researchers have come to the conclusion that sound can be directed and used to reduce stress and promote healing for the body.

Our brains are wired in a very sophisticated way, firing off millions of neurons incredibly fast, which each in turn sends an electrical impulse to another neuron, and so on forth. With this said whenever you listen to a certain type of sound that makes you feel happy and uplifted. This is happening because neurons fire and they release neuro chemicals called dopamine oxytocine or endorfines etcetera.  These neuro chemical impulses give you that euphoric feeling, the buzz we all enjoy.

Over the last couple of years, people are beginning to recognise and utilise the healing power of sound and the importance of sound therapy. Sound therapy is gaining ground and making waves healing both the mind and the body of many patients. The therapy provides a way of preventing the body from contracting certain diseases. Some diseases that have been shown to be tested in repeated cases previously, include depression, sinuses and cancer.

The idea of treating sicknesses with sound is not a new one, it can be traced back to the Hindu’s way of healing that involves chanting and which has been in existence for thousands of years. The act of using a resonating voice of a human or an object to stimulate healing and the use of sound therapy has grown to be one of the most recognised subtle-energy therapies in the world. You will be taught in physics that everything has its own sound and its own vibration, healing that involve chanting and which has been in existence for thousands of years.

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Understanding sound and water

A ground breaking research that was conducted shows that the way water reacts to vibrational sounds of different resonance is surprising and quite fascinating. The water was subjected to different sounds which includes music, verbal affirmations and even a priest’s prayer. The reaction of the water to each of this sounds was then documented. The study showed that the use of negative tones and comments forms a malformed and incomplete crystal, while the use of positive tones and music contributes to a form of healing to the mind and body.

The conducted experiment was founded on the principle of vibrations traveling through air and water. This is so because firstly the body is made up of about 65% water, and secondly, having conducted the experiment and witnessed the ways in which the water reacts to the different sounds, one could certainly understand why sound also affects our mind and body.

Because the aim of this article is to share on the power of sound in meditation and curing sicknesses, I have put together a list of six sound meditation instruments that are highly effective in treating sickness and that you must have in your home

Sound healing 1: Tibetan singing bowl with mat

The Tibetan singing bowl is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic assessor for meditation. The beautiful sound it produces will take you to that place of calmness and happiness.

This bowl produces a somewhat low frequency sound that will go deep into the core of the body providing the much needed relieve from stress. The bowl can be used to treat pain, stress disorder, depression and so on forth. It is mostly used for yoga.

Sound healing 2: Feng Shui brass gong

The Feng Shui brass gong is also another therapeutic accessory for meditation. The gong makes the process of meditation easy for those who usually have difficulty meditating.

The Feng Shui brass gong will take you to a high state of meditation where all that is required of you is to just let go of yourself and listen. It is considered by many as the optimum tool for healing with sound. Another thing that made this instrument so important is that it produces the broadest range of tones than any other meditation instrument and when it is well played, it will touch even the minutest cell in the body. Without doubt, the Feng Shui brass gong is a must have meditative instrument for you.

Sound healing 3: Feng Shui wind chime

The Feng Shui wind chime is another instrument that brings the touch of wellness to your home. This instrument does two major roles which are curing the body and the other is to energize the body. They are known all over the world for their ability to suppress negative energy keeping your mind in a positive place during and after meditation.

Sound healing 4: Tibetan singing bowl

Just like many other therapeutic mediation instruments, the Tibetan singing bowl produces a low frequency sound that enters into your body healing all the traces of stress and disorder.

Sound healing 5: Zen dragon brass gong

The Zen dragon brass gong is just like the Feng Shui brass gong but with dragons on it. It is termed as the most effective instrument for healing. Moreover, the fact that no other instrument can produce a wider variety of sounds a gong will produce, gives it an edge over all other instruments.

Sound healing 6: Tingsha cymbal bell

The handcrafted Tibetan Buddhist meditation Tingsha cymbal bell is mostly used in the temple to mark the beginning and ending of a meditation process. The bell is made from a high quality brass and with an exquisite design.

Sound healing 7: Antique Buddhist bell

The antique Buddhist bell brings an element of elegance and style into your home while not jeopardizing its main goal of keeping wellness and meditation. It produces a pleasing calm sound when struck to get you to a place and level of meditation and wellness you desire.

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