The Ultimate Guide for Opening Heart Chakra

This is the ultimate guide for opening heart chakra. When in balance, an open heart chakra is a beautiful state to be in. However, without even realising it, many of us have blockages in our heart chakra. The root cause of a closed heart chakra is experiencing a break-up, low self-esteem, or a myriad of painful life circumstances. It is so important to know the tools you need for opening heart chakra so that we remain in tune with our bodies and spiritual being to enable us to live the best life possible.

A closed heart chakra causes many symptoms and can easily be recognised. Before I list a few of the common signs, please do yourself a favour and quit being in denial. Let’s acknowledge and overcome some of the negative, and, let me stress, common, issues created from having blockages in your heart chakra. If you feel any of these emotions then let’s work through opening up your heart chakra together: defensiveness, being critical, controlling, suspicious, withdrawn, possessive and afraid of letting go.

When in balance an open heart chakra displays a beautiful acceptance in others, life and yourself. You feel at one and full of gratitude. So, what are we waiting for? Read through the tips and advice in the rest of this article, and let’s work on opening up your heart chakra fully.

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The Ultimate Guide for Opening Heart Chakra

Opening Heart Chakra

Further in this article, I have selected four lovely yoga poses that will help you open up your heart chakra, as well as a meditative breathing exercise and a guide to crystal healing practice for opening up the heart chakra.

Please note, if you are pregnant please read this article about safe beginner yoga poses you can practice during pregnancy. If you happen to be on your travels, read this article with more appropriate stretches to overcome hours of sitting, or this article which discusses yoga stretches to prepare your body for airplane travel.

Before we delve into the areas which help us to open the heart chakra, it is important to make sure that our thoughts and actions are in tune with unblocking the heart chakra beforehand.

Please be aware of the following and start incorporating these into your everyday life to help you open up your heart chakra;

  • Be love

Allow yourself to be loved. Not only by others, but most importantly by yourself. If you struggle with self-confidence and the ability to truly love yourself, try practicing these mantras and affirmations.

  • Give love

One of the best and easiest ways to cleanse and balance the heart chakra is by loving others unconditionally and unselfishly. When you feel negatively about another person or situation, don’t allow it to manifest inside of you. Instead, trick your subconscious mind by telling yourself that you love that person or situation. Then you can more easily and simply let go and move on from the person or situation. This was a great piece of advice my Dad once told me, and as bizarre as it seems at first, it really works!

  • Remember: The grass isn’t always greener!

It’s often human nature to complain. Resist the urge to find fault in everything. Be thankful for what you already have. Practice gratitude daily by thinking of 3-5 things you feel grateful for in your life. It can be as simple as:

  1. ‘I am grateful the sun is shining today’
  2. ‘I am so happy and grateful I have a roof over my head’
  3. ‘I am grateful that the train arrived on time’
  • Forgive

A lot of blockages in the heart chakra are fostered by not letting go of past hurts, anger, grief, regret, etc. Learn to let go and forgive. Practicing yoga will certainly help in the process of letting go of past hurt or negativity.

Opening heart chakra after a period of grief or personal struggle is not easy. Be patient and kind to yourself during the process. Letting go of what we don’t need to carry allows us to make room for new and better life opportunities, and learning to embrace and love yourself—for better or for worse—is a great place to begin.

As hard as it may seem at first, everything happens for a reason. The world is constantly shuffling around according to your thoughts. This is why it is so important not to think negative thoughts. The universe WILL think you are asking for more of that in your life! So quit negativity, start loving, and follow all the steps in this guide to get that heart chakra fully open and ready for an abundance of love and happiness to enter your life!

Essential Oils For the Heart Chakra

  • Rose essential oil

Rose has the highest spiritual frequency of all essential oils. It opens the heart chakra, allowing one to feel unconditional love, as well as calming and elevating the mind, creating a sense of well-being. Rose awakens our capacity for self-love, self-compassion, self-nurturing when we are dealing with emotional wounds.

  • Neroli essential oil

Neroli is a sweet citrusy, and floral essential oil and acts as a natural tranquilizer and regulator of the nervous system. Its vibrational frequency aids to open the heart chakra, harmonizing the mind and emotions, while uplifting the spirit. Neroli is comforting and encourages confidence, strength, courage, joy, and peace. On the physical level, Neroli is said to regulate the rhythm of the heart

Heart Chakra Meditation & Pranayama (breathing exercise)

The heart chakra is our energy point of love and compassion. In Indian Sanskrit it is called ‘anahata’ which means un-hurt, un-stuck or un-beaten. Located physically just behind the heart area, this chakra can be incredibly powerful when used as a focus for meditation. The colour associated with the heart chakra is green. Remembering this helps us to remember the following meditative and breathing exercise in which we can heal a closed heart chakra;

  1. Get outdoors and surround yourself in green nature.
  2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  3. Visualise a strong, clear green light filling up your heart center.
  4. Focus your attention to your breathing; breathe gently and calmly.
  5. Now, with each inhale imagine your heart center (and your body) filling up with a soft, green light.
  6. With every exhale feel your heart center releasing manifested negativity from inside of you.
  7. Repeat gently and enjoy this meditative breathing exercise.

Please note: for best results, don’t be too forceful on your exhalations. Rather, focus more energy on your positive, “green” inhalation.

Heart Chakra Stones

As the heart chakra is one of the higher chakras, the high vibration healing stones may be used to help you to improve its function. Heart chakra stones can provide support in times of emotional distress, especially when dealing with relationship issues. A way to keep a heart chakra stone or crystal close to you is by simply carrying the stone in your pocket or near the heart of chest area. Another way to get the benefit of the stone is to strategically place it in your house or environment where you spend the most time. For instance, you can put a rose quartz near your bed or display it in a nice area of your living room.

  • Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is a semi-precious crystal and is known as the stone of the heart. This stone brings unconditional love and infinite peace. It’s also used to calm emotions and it attracts love, strengthens empathy, and releases negative vibrations, replacing them with loving energy. It purifies and opens the heart chakra on all levels, bringing deep inner healing. 

  • Emerald

The emerald is often referred to as the stone of successful love and it opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.

  • Green Jade

A symbol of purity and serenity, Jade gathers wisdom and tranquility. It aids in emotional release, harmonizing the heart in the process and is used to balance the chakras. The jade crystal promotes emotional and physical healing of the heart’s issues, and it helps you to recognize that you are a spiritual being on a human journey and to not lose sight of your path. 

Please note, if you would like to learn more about crystals for beginners or to learn more about which stones are used to heal each of the different chakras then click here.

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra 1: Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra camel

  1. Begin Camel pose by kneeling, hip width apart, on the floor or a yoga mat. If your knees are sensitive, kneel on extra padding. Thighs should be perpendicular to the floor. The soles of your feet should face upward, toenails touching the floor.
  2. Secondly, place your palms on your hips and try to keep your outer hips as soft as possible. Breathe deeply.
  3. Then, use your hands to to support the lower back if need be.
  4. Next, inhale and lift your heart by pressing your shoulder blades to the back of your ribs.
  5. Begin to arc your back. Withdraw your arms one at a time from your hips/ lower back and place them on your heels.
  6. Press your palms firmly against your heels to keep from losing your balance. Turn your arms outward so that the elbow creases face forward.
  7. Finally, arch your back until your arms are straight. Imagine that there is a string tied around your waist that pulls you upward towards the sky.
  8. Hold for a minimum of 4-6 breaths.


  • Consult with your doctor before doing this yoga pose if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, migraines, insomnia or serious low back or neck injury.

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra 2: Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra 2: Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

  1. Firstly, begin by lying flat on your stomach with your chin on the mat and your hands resting at your sides.
  2. Secondly, on an exhalation, bend your knees. Bring your heels as close as you can to your buttocks, keeping your knees hip-distance apart.
  3. Next, reach back with both hands and hold onto your outer ankles.
  4. On an inhalation, lift your heels up toward the ceiling, drawing your thighs up and off the mat. Your head, chest, and upper torso will also lift off the mat.
  5. Lift your chest and press your shoulder blades firmly into your upper back.
  6. Finally, gaze forward and breathe softly for a minimum of 4-6 breaths.


  • Consult with your doctor before doing this yoga pose if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, migraines, insomnia, or serious lower-back problems or a neck injury.

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra 3: Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra 3: Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)

  1. Firstly, start by standing tall with your feet together.
  2. Secondly, bend the right knee and grab the inside of the right foot with all five fingers of your right hand.
  3. Next, find balance by bringing your knees to touch.
  4. With every inhale, lengthen through the spine and all the way through your left fingertips.
  5. With every exhale, slowly begin to kick your right foot into your right hand. Naturally, your torso will lower down and your left hand reaches out in front of you. Remember, to keep your hips levelled.
  6. Finally, hold the pose for a minimum of 4-6 breaths and repeat on the other side.


  • Consult with your doctor before doing this yoga pose if you suffer from a lower back, ankle or knee injury, or have had arm surgery.

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra 4: Wheel Pose (Chakrāsana)

Yoga Poses To Open Heart Chakra 4: Wheel Pose (Chakrāsana)

  1. Firstly, begin by lying flat on your back with your arms at your sides. Bend your knees, keeping your feet parallel and aligned with your hips. Draw your heels close to the edges of your buttocks.
  2. Secondly, reach your arms up overhead, and then bend your elbows so that you can place your palms on the floor at either side of your head. Your fingertips should rest beneath your shoulders. Keep your forearms parallel as you extend your fingers toward your heels. Reach your elbows directly up toward the ceiling.
  3. Next, inhale as you press your feet firmly into the floor and lift your hips upward toward the ceiling. Contract your buttocks, thigh, and abdominal muscles to support your lower back.
  4. Keep your feet and legs parallel. Press through the palms of your hands and lift your shoulders from the ground.
  5. Realign your arms to make sure they remain parallel — do not let your elbows splay to the sides.
  6. Straighten your arms and lift your head completely off the floor.
  7. Lift your chest and straighten your arms and legs even more. Let your head hang. Gaze at the floor between your hands.
  8. Finally, hold for a minimum of 4-6 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Please note: release the pose by first bringing the crown of your head to the ground, and then your whole body. 


  • Consult with your doctor before doing this yoga pose if you suffer from a back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, heart problems or high or low blood pressure.

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