Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills

Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills

Practicing yoga comes with numerous physical and mental health benefits, not to mention what it does for your soul; it alleviates anxiety, reduces stress and simply makes you feel more in touch with yourself.

However, those who have never practiced yoga don’t know the amount of effort that goes into a single session, even if you’re a beginner.

Of course, your flexibility, stamina, the strength of your core all improve as you progress, but you need to have the prerequisites to survive those first sessions and little helpers that will strengthen your muscles and allow you to become flexible and strong more quickly.

So, here’s the skinny on all the vitamins and minerals that both neophytes and experienced yogis need to keep their yoga game strong and become increasingly better at it.

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Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills yoga pose

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Vitamins come first

Let us introduce you to the first letter of the vitamin alphabet – A.

Not only is it great for the skin, but it also helps keep the bones healthy and your immune system strong.

Some of the best sources of this vitamin are grains, beans and seeds.

The list goes on to include leafy and dandelion greens, beans, carrots, parsley, kale, lettuce, watercress, radish greens, cabbage, pumpkin, cauliflower and wheat, – so you better take that trip to the farmer’s market!

Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills carrots

Next in line…

…Is of course the vitamin B complex.

Now, as Dr. Axe explains, this group, and especially vitamin B12, is what keeps the adrenal fatigue away and keeps your metabolic system in spick-and-span shape.

Of course, it also serves to provide the body with extra energy – the energy you’ll need for a good session, and the best places to look for this vitamin are meat, fish and other seafood, dairy and eggs.

However, in case you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, the Vegan Society advises you to eat larger quantities of fortified foods and make up for what’s lacking by taking B12 supplements.

Now, aside from the 12, there are of course the other B’s and their hiding place is in foods such as brown rice, whole wheat, rye, tofu, sunflower and sesame seeds, as well as pinto beans and lentils.

Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills seeds

Here comes the C

The mighty vitamin C everyone is always telling us we need more of.

Now, for yogis, this particular vitamin is vital for good health of the joints – the last thing you want is to sprain an ankle or wrist during your sessions, so always trust your citruses, your broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, cauliflower, mangoes, red peppers, spinach and strawberries, and of course, a vitamin C supplement never hurt anybody.

We should all be taking them, and those who have gruelling workout sessions in particular.

Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills fruit

When D met C

As said before, flexibility plays a huge role when it comes to practicing yoga successfully.

Now, when you implement vitamin D and calcium into your diet, that’s when the magic happens as these two work amazingly well together to make the body more flexible.

Needless to say, stock up the fridge with milk and yogurt, and make sure your meals often include fish.

For additional vitamin D – get out and soak up the sun (but always wear sunscreen).

yoga warrior Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills

The mighty M

Yoga, in great part, serves to strengthen your muscles – leg, arm and core muscles.

Of course, you can’t give it your all if you frequently experience muscle soreness and spasms, and the culprit for these occurrences is most frequently the lack of magnesium.

Medical professionals are always telling us that, aside from a magnesium-rich diet that provides us with all the necessary energy and stamina, we can all benefit from good and safe magnesium supplements, and as far as foods go, turn to whole-grains, green leafy vegetables, legumes, lean meats, fish nuts, and seeds and bananas of course.

Cambodian Food Market

The second culprit

The second mineral (or lack of it) to blame for muscle soreness that hinders your yoga sessions is potassium.

This micronutrient, just as magnesium, serves to relieve you of muscle cramps and is generally good to take before a session so the body is well-prepared for a great and productive one.

Vitamins and Minerals That Will Improve Your Yoga Skills tomatoes

Over to you

It’s not that hard to incorporate all these vitamins and minerals into your diet, because as you can see, the foods that are loaded with them aren’t only accessible, but most of them can be delicious as well, if prepared well.

Remember, if you are unsure, simply take your supplements, and be the best yogi you can be without cramps, spasms, and lack of flexibility holding you back.

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