Tok-Sen is therapy using a wooden hammer and peg. The tools are used to tap along the Sen (energy) lines of the body, in a steady rhythm creating a vibrational feel. This motion helps to unblock the energy channels and free any myofascial adhesions. The vibrations that are created pass deeply through the muscles and helps to dislodge long held, stubborn tension. A sense of wellbeing and ease is felt as a more natural flow of energy is re-established. This is due to the energy blockages in the body becoming released and the body becoming relaxed. What’s more, the hypnotic continuous gentle rhythm of the taps will lead you in to a meditative state, which makes the therapy even more effective as your body is further loosened.

The Tok Sen mallet and peg I use was made from the wood of a tamarind tree that had been struck by lightening. It has also then been blessed by a Buddhist monk in Thailand.  It is said that this gives the tools special healing powers and is thought to further help to remove the negative energy that we trap in our bodies.


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