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Allow yourself to be pampered, by allowing the Swedish oil massage spa experience to be brought to you…

Stay put.. don’t lift a finger.. just relax. I will arrive and setup a professional massage table dressed with luxuriously soft 100% Egyptian cotton crisp and fresh sheets. While you lay peacefully on your front, a beautiful organically made eco-candle will be lit at eye level under your head rest. This allows you to gaze wonderfully in to the flame taking you to a relaxing meditative dream state. Enjoy the therapeutic oil massage which is suited to your every need as you effortlessly unwind and become rejuvenated.

Treatment Style

Swedish massage originates from Europe, where it is the most common and best-known type of massage. It is the foundation on which other styles of Western massage have been designed upon. In the West, the focus and benefits of massage are based on the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Swedish massage uses a combination of five classical technical movements. Each works perfectly to encourage relaxation, improve muscle flexibility, stimulate blood-flow and help manage pain.

During the massage, expect the skin to be lubricated with massage oil before a variation of massage strokes are performed to warm up the muscle tissue. This releases tension and gradually breaks up muscle “knots” or adhesions (adhered tissues).
We will discuss any problem areas beforehand to ensure that knots and tightness in specific muscle regions are targeted.


Swedish massage calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Blood circulation is improved ensuring that cells are nourished with oxygen and nutrients. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products, thus removing toxins from the body.


Accredited and certified by:

ITEC Swedish Oil Massage Accreditation    CMA Swedish Oil Massage Accreditation


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