Northern Thai

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Allow me to bring the magic of Chiang Mai to you by indulging yourself in a traditional Northern style Thai massage experience. Traditional Thai massage is a deep, full-body treatment, starting at the feet and progressing up to the head. A sequence of yoga-like positions and stretches, along with rocking, pulling and compression techniques are performed in a slow and relaxing rhythmic flow. These range of techniques loosens and stretches your joints and muscles, while you lay comfortably on a luxuriously comfortable floor-level massage bed. No oils or lotions are used and you will remain fully clothed during the whole treatment. This unique type of massage stimulates and encourages the restorative flow of energy throughout the body. Energy channels are unblocked with applied acupressure on the sen energy lines of the body. You will feel harmonised, balanced and energised.

Thai Treatment Style

In Thailand a massage is often given within an open group setting whereby a number of practitioners work simultaneously alongside each other giving their customers a massage in the same large room. However, the true ancient style of Thai massage requires that the massage be performed solo with just the therapist and the client in privacy. This is how Vibrant Yogini operates.


Thai Massage improves blood circulation, energy levels, flexibility, breathing, posture, balance, and athletic performance. What’s more, a detoxification process will take place which will boost the immune system, and can prevent illness and even slow the ageing process. Clients have also experienced an improved outlook on life and concentration, more creative flow, clarity and calmness of mind, and a reduction in stress and anxiety.


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