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ACCORDING to a report published on Statista, 1.35 million Americans spend $500 or more on skin care products, while the average individual in the UK spends almost £4,500 on their looks throughout the year. We all know that it’s important to pamper our skin with topical solutions, and they are an indispensable part of our skincare and beauty routine. But we often tend to overlook the natural solutions and things we can change in our lifestyle, whether in terms of dietary habits or physical activity, and the amazing benefits they bring not only to our body but to our skin and hair as well.

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There is a strong connection between the mind and the body, at least according to a study published by Harvard Medical School journal, which states that stress along with other emotional and mental factors can increase the severity of certain skin conditions and even trigger them even if they weren’t present before. This is where yoga steps in, as it is not only a powerful tool that brings physical health, stamina, and flexibility but also spiritual benefits, such as a decrease in the level of stress and anxiety, and the benefits don’t even stop there. There are highly specific poses – asanas – that can contribute not only to a generally glowing complexion but actually target and help tackle pesky skin issues. Today we will explore these asanas and show you exactly what each and every one of them can do for your beauty, because beauty truly does come from within.

Cleanse it all

Proper breathing is vital for digestion, and this in turn helps tackle one of the most common issues that hinder our natural beauty – acne. In order to detox your body, you most definitely need to give yoga a try. Begin with Wind Relieving Pose. You see, poor digestion is often an indicator that your body isn’t receiving all the nutrients it needs, which can lead to unhealthy and acne-prone skin as everything that happens inside our body reflects on it. After you’re done with this asana, move on to the spinal twists followed by Half Lord of the Fishes Pose and Revolved Triangle Pose. Finish off with the Reclining Twist as this one is wonderful for detoxifying the internal organs (liver and kidney). When these vital organs are full of toxins, they do not function properly, and aside from other issues, this also results in appearance of acne. Finally, if you have reason to believe that hormonal imbalance is the culprit of your breakouts, turn to Rabbit Pose whose main goal is to stimulates the thyroid – one of the main producers of hormones.

Even tone, radiant skin

Acne isn’t the only pesky issue we deal with; there are times when our skin is simply dull and lifeless and we are in dire need of bringing some color into our cheeks and bringing back our old glorious plumpness and radiant complexion. This is where the importance of proper blood circulation lies, and your goal is to ‘bring the blood flow’ all the way up to the neck and the head. Of course, there are asanas specially designed to improve the circulation and bring that healthy glow to your face. The most efficient one is undoubtedly Bhujangasana the Cobra Pose. It serves to reduce stiffness in the back and shoulders, which is generally amazing as we, with the modern times and endless hours at a desk or a computer, all battle tension in these areas. In addition to that, it is a kind of a mood-elevator, which has an incredibly positive effect on skin’s flexibility and the overall feeling of smoothness. Aside from this asana, flexibility of the skin should be Matsyasana, the Fish Pose’s job. This asana helps you breathe deeper and helps normalize the hormonal imbalance while relaxing your muscles at the same time. Then, for a skin that truly glows, you need to master Halasana, the Plough Pose, that enables targeting the blood circulation to strategic (facial) areas and subsequently gives your face the healthiest possible glow. Just in case your current lifestyle is taking a toll on your hair as well, you might want to try these asanas that claim to be of huge help to those combating hair loss. If yoga can do wonders for the body and face, it must be equally effective on the hair.

Yoga and its friends

Of course, once you become a yogi, you will inevitably start changing your entire lifestyle, beginning with diet, sleep patterns and all other lifestyle elements. You’ll begin to meditate as well, which will also greatly reduce any sense of anxiety or even depression. Your body will start craving high-quality food, and so you’ll turn to foods that, thanks to the amount of vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, have earned the right to be called superfoods. All of the micronutrients found in these foods are not only beneficial for your inner health; the benefits will be visible on the skin as well. Then, all you need is just a little help from incredible NeoStrata skincare products that contain the same vitamins and other aforementioned nutrients so that all the stars align.

The fountain of youth

As physicians state, beauty sleep is the closest thing to the fountain of youth, as when we sleep everything in our body ‘reboots’ – including our skin and brain. Just in case you are a troubled sleeper, or simply someone who loses plenty of time trying to fall asleep, you need to try the Legs-Up-the-Wall pose. It’s guaranteed to put you at ease and subsequently in a sleepy state. There will be no restless nights full of wakeups in the middle of the night. You will truly get your quality beauty sleep, and before you know it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you look at yourself in the mirror.

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