YOGA STARS Interview With Agi Gwara [@Agisway]

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YOGA STARS is a weekly feature at Vibrant Yogini where an amazing yoga teacher or enthusiast is interviewed about their beautiful journey and views as a yogi! It has been created to try and remove the gap between our confident and expert yogi’s, and those who have just started to practice yoga or who are curious to learn more about it. We never want you to feel intimidated or discouraged. Therefore, it is important to remember that each and every yogi started fresh from the beginning as a newbie once upon a time! Our aim is to motivate you to continue your journey no matter where you are on it.


Designed to inspire your yoga practice and encourage you to follow your dreams.


This week’s Yoga Stars feature is hosted by the beautiful Agi Gwara! Check out her gorgeous instagram feed: @agisway


“Agi Gwara is a former model turned into a fitness professional. She is a London based Yoga and Pilates teacher.” ~ Agi

Yoga Star: Agi Gwara aka @agisway

Where are you currently based?

London, U.K.

Where are you originally from?


When did you start practicing yoga and why?

I started practicing yoga over 7 years ago.

It was just a thing to do on my crazy juice fast retreat in Turkey.

I didn’t even dream that yoga would be something for me.

What got you hooked?

I got hooked because I started to feel amazing after the practice and I wanted to learn more and more.

What is your favourite asana and why?

My favourite asanas have changed with time.

I guess the favourite asana changes as the body/ mind or spirit decides what is needed.

My favourite asana as for now is Paschimotanasana – seated forward fold.

This asana really calms my mind and allows my spine and legs to lengthen.

Agi yoga star 3

Where did you do your training/s and what courses have you completed?

I have done my Teacher training in London.

It was a Yoga Alliance accredited course.

I have also done many workshops with great teachers who were coming to London.

My favourite Yogi who I’m following for a few years is Danny Paradise.

He is my main source of knowledge and inspiration.


  • Active IQ level 3 diploma in instructing pilates mat work (QCF)
  • Level 3 mat work pilates certification in the body control pilates method
  • Active IQ level 3 in designing pre and postnatal exercise programmes
  • 200 hours yoga teacher training diploma – Yoga Alliance UK

How has yoga impacted your life?

As a former model, i used to party a lot.

Yoga has changed my life from a party seeker to a yoga bunny.

That’s a much healthier option 🙂

Which type of yoga do you teach/ specialize in?

Personally, I practice Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga.

Among my Students and teaching, I deliver what clients need.

I teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Dynamic Yoga, Yin Yoga and of Course Ashtanga.

I also teach Pilates 🙂

What do you love about this style of yoga?

Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga its kind of formalised self-practice.

One can learn a lot about oneself as well as combat “mind stuff” along the way.

It is a great workout for the body as well.

What’s your mission as a yoga instructor?

Noble one .. to make a world a better place 🙂

How do I see it?

Well, I cannot make a world a happier place myself but I’m hoping to inspire as many people as possible.

Share happiness and positive energy with them.

After all, we are all connected.

If you could give only one piece of advice to others who are looking to start yoga what would it be?

Starting yoga is like starting to learn a new language It will not be easy.

Give yourself time…

Please never give up, find a teacher that you can look upon.

Someone you feel connected to.

Try as many yoga styles as possible to find “the one” for you.

Agi yoga star 1

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out as a teacher what would it be?

Practice.. Practice.. Practice.. with each given class you become a better teacher.

Just connect to your inner self it will speak the words for you.

What is one of your favorite mantras or affirmations that you don’t mind sharing?

“All grown-ups were once children.. but only few of them remember it.

– Little Prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Wonder why ? Children or animals are so happy with each moment.. adults tend to forget that life only consist of present moment.

What is one of your favorite yoga quotes?

Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha”

If you could have a secret power, what would in be?

I would love to be able to heal people just with a touch 🙂

 Agi yoga star

Connect with Agi online:

” Having spent years as a model, tirelessly traveling and striving to find both the balance and time to take care of herself, Agi will understand how to create bespoke programs to match your lifestyle, whether you’re looking to escape the noise of the outside world or develop a stronger, leaner body through powerful techniques using body weight, stretching and conditioning. With extensive knowledge in both Pilates and Yoga, you can experience the best of two practices. – Agi

To get in touch with Agi and find out more about her bespoke classes, please visit:

Plus, don’t forget to check out and follow her gorgeous feed;

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