6 Ways To Add Zen To Your Office To Improve Productivity

While many people may make claim to thriving in high-stress environments, others work best in peace and tranquility.

Personally, I prefer a relaxing environment that offers an aesthetically pleasing and fresh surrounding to work in, away from unnecessary distractions and mess!

As changing your career may not be a viable option for you, instead we can add a touch of Zen to help improve your productivity and make your work experience generally more pleasing and happier!

In this article, I will discuss how you can optimize your workspace to make it a calmer place to spend your time and do your work, in turn reducing your stress levels and increasing your productivity.

The biggest key to creating a relaxing workspace is styling it in a way that makes you happy. If it feels right to you, then you’re on the right path.

Keeping that in mind, here are my six must-have products for adding a splash of tranquility for a more relaxing workspace;

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The 6 Must-Have Zen Products To Improve Productivity in Your Office

Here are the six Zen home décor products that you must have in your office to improve your overall productivity at work or to help keep you healthy amidst the ever increasing stress in the office.

Office interior design 1: Himalayan salt lamp plug-in

You can keep the environment of your office calm and free of all forms of air pollutant gases by obtaining a Himalayan salt lamp plug-in to add a touch of calmness in your office, giving it a Zen inspired feel.

The use of this Zen home décor item in your office will steer away from using bright and harmful lights. For example, we can limit the effects of dangerous blue light from electronic devices by introducing low level light from the Himalayan salt lamp plug-in. What’s more fantastic, is that this zen décor item will positively affect your mood, as well as helping to keep your energy levels up so that you can keep working productively in your office for hours!

This lamp plug-in, when used in the office, gives the room a more serene and relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, having a Himalayan salt lamp, or a few, connected not too far from your computer or other electrical devices in your office, will help to aid the neutralization of harmful electromagnetic radiations released by the electronic equipment you use. This is especially helpful for people who sit for long hours working with laptops, computers and other smart devices.

Office interior design 2: Himalayan color changing salt lamp

It is very important that you welcome into your life and office any accessory that boosts your overall wellbeing and helps to keep your mind working at its best.

The Himalayan color-changing lamp is a USB Himalayan lamp that helps keep the internal environment of the office calm. It is a beautifully crafted piece that not only offers a way of decorating your office, but also helps to keep you healthy, in a good mood and highly productive at the same time.

One of the most fascinating features about this product is that every single piece has its own unique color and shape. This particular salt lamp has a multi-color option with the color of the glow changing with a function. The main working principle of this particular style of Himalayan salt lamp is based on the LED light inside of it.

It also comes with a USB cable making it possible for the lamp to be placed close enough to your computer or laptop, which not only gently lights up your work area, but also neutralizes all the electromagnetic radiations that your computer and laptop generates.

Just like the first lamp discussed in this article, this product is definitely a perfect way of decorating your office space in a Zen-like style and at the same time it keeps your workspace healthy and pure. What’s more, using Himalayan salt lamps to softly light your office will help stir you away from using bright lights containing harmful blue band rays.

Office interior design 3: Macramé plant hanger shelf

The Macramé plant hanger shelf is another must have product for you in your office if just like me you like to brighten up your workspace with some pretty colorful fresh plants or flowers. It gives you a perfect way of flaunting your prized plants and sharing love in your office.

This particular handcrafted piece not only adds a beautiful eye-catching feature in your office, but it also adds a modern touch of minimalist style. Oh, and by the way, I am already quite certain you will already be aware of the importance of having plants placed on your macramé plant hanger shelf around your office. Anyhow, not only will it bring a natural shine to your office but it will also help to keep the air in your office clean, keeping you in the most rejuvenated state all day in the office. One particular feature I like rather a lot about this plant hanger is the way I can fit a variety of shapes and sizes of flower pots on it. It is quite remarkable how subtly magnificent and spacious your office can look using these hangers. I for one always feel at peace and uplifted with gorgeous hanging features there to please the eye and rejuvenate the air.

Office interior design 4: Levitating potted plant

I will be doing a great injustice if after admitting what a good plus a Macramé plant hanger shelf is to your office and then fail to tell you how sensational and magnificent a levitating potted plant can be as a healthy and stylish feature in your office. If you work in an office where lots of people come in and out all day, an office where lots of paperwork is being carried around or with PCs and other electronic equipment generating heat and some carbon contained gases, then, you need one of these plants to gracefully clear the air and keep you working in a more healthy environment.

Moreover, merely looking at this flower can improve your mood greatly and keep you in a calm state all through the day putting you at ease and helping reduce anxiety and improving productivity.

Office interior design 5: Natural wood minimalist lighting

The natural wood minimalist light is one of Zen décor for your office introducing simplicity and aesthetic creativity in style. This wall mounted lighting bulb is perfect for use in the bedroom or office so much so that it is shadeless. You can read more about the natural wood minimalist light bulb by viewing all its features. 

Office interior design 6: Edison bulb

The vintage Edison bulbs have been and will remain the most popular antique bulb. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, these bulbs are a reproduction of the original first bulbs Thomas Edison produced. They can be used in homes to create a unique loft-style feel. They can also be used in offices to make a statement that you are classic and with an eye for vintage things. Though the lumen output of this bulb is lower than what the traditional bulb produces. Though these lamp cannot be overly recommended to be used as the overhead lamp of the office or a reading lamp, but it can be used as a purely decorative lamp for your office, study and home-office.

Office interior design 7: Natural wood thermometer clock

You can add a modern style to your office with this natural wood accessory piece. The natural wood thermometer clock is a table accessory that displays time, date and temperature via LED lights. It also has a reminder/alarm feature to help you keep on track with your busy work schedule. The minimal wood style makes it a perfect zen office piece offering minimal and eco-friendly style. For sure, anyone who witnesses this amazing piece of homeware on your desk will want one for himself/herself.

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